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Satellite IF/L/S Band to Fiber Optical Module
    发布时间: 2019-11-22 14:58    

Satellite Fiber Links equipment

Foxopto's L-band Fiber links Fox-IF-L-7000 offer a high performance, cost effective alternative to conventional coaxial-cabled systems. Foxopto’s L-band Fiber Fox-IF-L-7000 cover the range of 950–3000 MHz. They are used for the transmission over single-mode fiber optic cable of block down converted C, extended C, X or Ku band signals. The transmission of L-band Satellite signals as well as communication radar transmission and reception are also made possible using Foxopto's L-band range of products. 


·  50-3000 MHz

·  IF, L, S Bands



·  Adjustable RF Gains

·  RF Power Monitors

·  High Dynamic Range

·  low Noise 

·  Uncooled DFB laser Diode

·  Single Fiber unidirectional Operation


Form Factor

·  1U Standalone



1.> RF Specifications:

Frequency Range: 950–2150MHz [2500MHz optional]

Flatness 950–2150MHz: ±1.0db [typical]

Flatness 950–2500MHz: ±2.5db [MAX]

Flatness @ any 36MHz: ±0.25dB [max.]

Input/Output Impedance: 75Ω [50Ω optional]

Return loss: 13dB

Intermodulation products: -40dBc [max.]

Input signal range: -40 to -20dBm

Output signal range: -40 to -20dBm

Maximum input without damage: ±10dB

CNR @ 36MHz / 10km: 35d

Gain control: Automatic or Manual

Link gain: 0 ± 10dB

RF connector: F-type female [BNC - optional]

Third order modulation output: -20 to +5dBm

Noise Figure: 25dB

SFDR @ maximum input power: 100dB Hz 2/3 @ -25dBm [typical]

Test port coupling: 20 ± 2dB

2.> Optical Specifications

Optical Wavelength: 1310 ± 10nm

Optical power output: -3 to 0dBm/0.5 to 1mW

Optical connector: FC/APC

Optical budget/budget distance: 6dB / 10km

Optical return loss: -50dB

Optical connector loss: 0.5dB/mated pair

3.> Physical Specifications

Standalone size: 5” × 4.8” × 1.6”

Power for chassis: 100 or 240VAC 50/60Hz 90Watts [max.]

4.> Power for standalone

Transmitter: +15VDC @ 300mA max.(400mA < 10°C)

Receiver: +15VDC @ 270mA max.

Operating Temperature Range: -10°C to +60°C

Storage Temperature Range: -40°C to +85°C