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5G Connections in China to Exceed 400 Million by 2020
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5G Connections in China to Exceed 400 Million by 2020

At the China Telecom Intelligent Terminal Technology Forum 2018, GSMA introduced the global 5G business applications and development trends and predicted that 5G connections in China will exceed 400 million by 2020. China is becoming the world's largest 5G market.

5G Connections in China to Exceed 400 Million by 2020

The intelligent link of mobile communication has become the most important infrastructure of human society. And now, China has become the most important part of the global mobile communication industry.

The rapid deployment of 5G has greatly changed the social ecology. By 2020, 4G will provide about 53% of mobile broadband access, 5G will provide 14% of mobile broadband access, and 2/3 of this mobile access will be broadband and intelligent.

GSMA estimates that if 5G could be commercially available on a large scale by 2020, it would cover more than one-third of the world's population by 2025, with 1.1 billion customers using 5G services. And China will have more than 400 million 5G customers and become the world's largest 5G market.

The reason why China has become the world's most important and largest 5G market is that the Chinese government and the three major operators are actively promoting the development of 5G, actively promoting the construction of 5G ecosystem, especially in the promotion of 5G technicalization, including field testing and so on, all of which are the extremely important power to drive the development of 5G. In addition, Chinese companies are creating more opportunities to maximize the capabilities of 5G networks, such as in the area of driverless cars.

Currently, 49 countries and 77 operators have announced plans for 5G technology testing and certification, and 45 mobile operators in 32 countries and regions have announced plans for 5G commerce. Major continents and regions with active economic development in the world have announced that they will enter or will soon enter 5G.

In addition, GSMA has conducted a comprehensive review of the tests conducted by operators around the world and has concluded that most of the current tests conducted by operators are focused on eMBB technology. They believe that eMBB will be the first killer application for 5G commerce and will be the first major source of revenue to bring business revenue to operators and support a large amount of investment in business R&D and technology R&D.

The emergence of 5G brings a wonderful experience to the global users. The problems that come with 5G also need the common concern of the industry so that the pidends of 5G can be released as soon as possible. GSMA proposed that the development of 5G on a large scale needs an appropriate market and an open and intelligent ecosystem. It is the biggest challenge on the 5G road, because the 5G era not only requires higher quality network coverage, but also vertical industry digitization.