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Data Center Design: Cost, Technology, Conciseness and Reconfigurability
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100G data centers are maturing, no matter from which angle, the technologies are getting more and more perfect. The 100G data centers can already carry most of the things we want, but at most it only loads the memory and spiritual food of human life—we do see some computations, but such computations are no different from the supercomputing of the previous era. If we don't understand the goal of data center applications, we can't design a data center that matches technologies and applications.

Data Center Design

Optical interconnection technology is moving from 100G to 200G and 400G. Perhaps we can say that 100G optical interconnection has just reached its robust performance in 2018. So we can basically assert that the 100G data centers built before 2018 are all dangerous buildings or houses built on sandy land. We must be aware of the risks.

The current large data centers basically follow the 100G CWDM4 structure of the last era, and use AOC and DAC the same time. Today, we need to retell a topic. The proposal is to divide the data center into two parts: transmission structure and interconnection structure. The WDM active architecture is used in the transport layer, while the parallel PSM structure (including parallel optics and parallel electrics) is firmly used in the interconnection layer. We do see that the architecture similar to Facebook is very concise, but it is also high-cost. Therefore, it is necessary for us to demonstrate the relationship between the economic cost and the economic structure. What we need to do is to find a sort relationship based on a fixed principle that will guide us to make the best choice in difficult choices.

The Cost of Data Center 100G CWDM4 Structure

In order for the 100G CWDM4 structure to be widely used, data centers have paid a high price. The main reason is that in the past era, the stability and consistency of optical chips were not good, and the optical interconnection of data centers was in a period of no standard. Fortunately, at least Gigalight's product design standards are in line with expectations and applications. Now the industry knows that reliability, product life and maintenance costs are related to each other. Current conclusions basically support that CWDM4 conforms to the mainstream characteristics of 100G data center in terms of technology implementation, such as saving optical fibers, switching from maintenance of multiple products to maintenance of one product.